Can I Shower After A Brazilian Wax?

This is one of the most frequent questions I hear.

First, let me address that it is very beneficial to shower before you come in for a wax. The steam from a hot shower will open up the hair follicles and make it easier for the hair to be removed when being waxed. This is highly recommended! Plus, who doesn’t want to be fresh and clean for their wax?! Exfoliating the skin before your wax is a good way to remove trapped oils, dirt, and dead skin.

It’s perfectly fine to take a cool or warm shower after your wax, however, I recommend waiting at least 5-8 hours for the skin to recover. Avoid hot showers or steam rooms after your wax. Hair follicles remain open for hours after waxing, so it’s best to avoid contact with any excess moisture for at least 24 hours. If you must bathe the same day as your wax, take a shower, not a bath. The bacteria, skin, and product in the water could cause infection.

Waxing will cause the pores to open, therefore leaving the skin slightly vulnerable for 24-48 hours. The area should be kept clean and nourished with special post-wax lotions to keep the skin smooth and healthy. Always, always, ALWAYS exfoliate starting in the second shower after your wax to slough away dead skin and avoid ingrown hairs.

One of my favorite post-treatment products is Tend Skin, which is sold at W. Waxing Salon. This solution prevents the formation of ingrown hairs while keeping the waxed area clean.


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