How You Should Take Care Of Your Skin After Brazilian Waxing

The holiday parties are in full swing! You’ve been planning your outfits, securing your dates, and pampering to get sexy! But most importantly? You just got a wax. This means your skin is T-E-N-D-E-R! And it needs to heal. At W. Waxing Salon, we make sure your wax will be as painless as possible… it’s just what we do! We want your recovery to be as painless (and bump-free!) as possible, too.

For smooth skin, it needs to heal for 24-48 hours. 48 hours of rest is best! For the first couple of days post-wax, avoid the following:

No Sun

Waxing removes the top layer of skin in the process, making the skin more sensitive to sun. If you must go in the sun, wear a wrap around your waste and use chemical-free sunblock (you’re doing this anyways, right?) for extra protection.

No Intense Exercise

The friction and sweat from working out can irritate the skin, which is especially sensitive after a wax. And because the skin is more prone to bacteria within the first 24 hours after a wax, avoiding the gym and sweat is best choice!

No Sauna/Steam Room

This goes in hand with the last point… avoid rooms like this where bacteria is prevalent! In addition, extreme temperatures and heat aren’t good for the sensitive area after a wax.

No “Physical” Activity

By this I mean sexy time! Time to get creative, because your skin down there needs rest. I recommend this, and so do doctors. When the skin is traumatized, it is most susceptible to outside bacteria that could potentially lead to an infection, bumps, and irritation! And that’s not sexy.

So what should you do?


For the first two days post wax, try applying a cold compress, topical treatments like Tend Skin, and take a OTC pain reliever. Also, make sure to keep the area clean. Shobha Rosewater Freshening Cloths are great for cleaning on the go as the velvety-soft wipes have been formulated with super healing rose oil, as well as other calming extracts like marshmallow root, cucumber, and chamomile.


Exfoliating on a daily basis  or every other day is essential for helping to prevent ingrown hairs. After hair removal, dead upper layers of skin can build up and trap hairs. When these trapped hairs can’t grow out, they grow back in, resulting in ugly, painful bumps, which we know as ingrown hairs.


As much as we try to prevent them, ingrowns can still happen as a result of tight clothing (e.g., leggings), the texture of your hair, and/or your skin type. Apply a topical exfoliating product daily after you get out of the shower (when your skin is most absorbent for soaking up product). Use it once a day for mild to moderate ingrowns, or twice a day for more severe and stubborn ones.”

Keep It Up

Schedule your waxing appointments every 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth. Exfoliate between visits and don’t shave for the best results! Why not shave? Because it causes the hairs to grow in different directions, which means your next wax could be more painful and time consuming.

If you routinely get waxes, you’ll find them to become less painful since the hair is typically at its ideal growth between weeks three and five. If you wait longer, the hair is longer and tends to make the removal process more intense.


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