Why Should You Wax?

Some women may wonder why anyone would pay someone else for a waxing job when they can take care of it themselves in the shower with a razor. For some, shaving is both ineffective and painful. However, waxing is an appropriate choice for everyone, even if shaving works fine for you.

First, time. We live in a busy and fast moving world! Why spend extra time in the shower every few days? It can feel like you’re constantly shaving. By making an appointment at W. Waxing Salon, you’ll save yourself that time. For most women, choosing waxing over shaving means staying smooth and clean for up to four weeks, rather than just a couple of days. In addition, if you consistently wax, your hair growth will thin and you’ll be able to go longer between appointments

Let’s face it: shaving your bikini area isn’t easy. Rather than trying to take care of it yourself, and potentially missing unsightly hair, make an appointment for a bikini or Brazilian wax. Let the professionals take care of it for you!

Shaving can also irritate the skin. With waxing, you may have some mild redness and irritation, particularly after a Brazilian wax, but the sensitivity will lessen within 24 hours. If you have a problem with ingrown hair, you should start by exfoliating, and then try waxing. The quick removal technique will lessen the problem or rid you of it all together.

Put down your razor and pick up the phone. Call W. Waxing Salon!

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